case study:Greyston Bakery


This case deals with Greyston Bakery, based out of Yonkers, New York. It addresses their values and company characteristics as they pursue their unique mission of being a food producer with a social purpose. It highlights some of the organizational behaviour issues brought forward in the first part of the course; in particular, it considers values, motivation, and teamwork.

Length: 1500 words/5-7 pages (approximate), not including title page, table of contents and bibliography. Should be typed, double-spaced, font New Times Roman , and size 12.

  • Visit the Greyston website and use it as a reference. The website is at
  • Complete the following tasks (a – c):
  • Do some research! You must use at least five references (the case, the text, the company website and two other academic sources) that provide you with supporting information for your answers. The last page of your assignment should be a bibliography listing the sources you cited in your paper.
  • The format for the case study report:

Use it to research about the company’s values, strategies, and other aspects of their organization.

  1. (Values).

From reading the case and other sources about the company, describe five values (either terminal or instrumental) that you believe are most important to Greyston. Draw from the values as named in the Rokeach list earlier provided. You must briefly describe each value and provide a brief supporting statement with evidence of the value at Greyston and why it is important to them.

  1. (Motivation).

Consider Greyston’s approach to hiring and managing their workforce. Apply both McClelland’s and Herzberg’s theories of motivation (separately) to describe how Greyston is trying to support their employees to be successful.

  1. (Teamwork).

Greyston has involved themselves in several partnerships that could be considered similar to teams. Explain what aspects of teaming and teamwork you observe within these partnerships and offer your opinion on the contribution of teamwork to their success.

IMPORTANT: In all your answers, you should be using the case for examples and/or context.

  • Table of Contents.
  • Introduction: present aim or purpose of the overall report and very briefly describe the main sections of the report (4 – 5 sentences).
  • Description of the case: provide a brief summary of the case, in one to two paragraphs, that introduces the company, their key characteristics relevant to this assignment and the situation we are investigating.
  • Description of results: Address each of the tasks as stated above.
  • Conclusion: summarize the main points that you feel emerged from your answers.
  • Bibliography.

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