Coaching Football technical and tactical skills

Assignment Instructions

  • The assignment was submitted on time as a Word Document attachment in APA format utilizing proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Student accurately summarized the coaching content contained in the chosen video.
  • Student pointed out specific examples of technical and tactical skills.
  • Student pointed out opportunities for development within either the coaches or the players.
  • Student included the URL to the video chosen. is a well known website with content on just about any topic you desire. For this assignment, you are going to visit youtube and evaluate a video on coaching football. Please choose a video based on American football preferably one associated with a position that you have coached or are interested in coaching. For example, if you have experience coaching the secondary. Then, you should choose a video on defensive backs or drills that will work to improve defensive back play. The best videos are those that contain both coaching and players executing that coaching in order to point out developmental opportunities.

This course is about the technical and tactical aspects of coaching football. As you write your review of the video, I want to know what aspect the coaching came from. Was the coaching done from a technical aspect or did the instructor talk mainly from a tactical perspective? If the coaching included both aspects, describe parts of the coaching that came from the technical aspect and what parts came from the tactical aspect.

Many coaches spend a tremendous amount of time coaching the “what” to do (x’s and o’s) while drastically neglecting the “how” to aspects of technique. For example, a coach may teach players exactly where to go on a particular play while never covering any aspect of technique such as foot work or body position.

For your assignment, develop a two page review of the video you choose. Describe what you saw and heard that you liked about the video. Did you learn anything? How much of the coaching was based on the technique of the drill as opposed to the scheme or tactical aspects? What were the developmental opportunities you would point out to the coach or players? Finally, please make sure to include the URL or web address of the drill you are analyzing.

This essay must be double-spaced and approximately two pages in length. Please cite all references used to develop your essay. Need help with APA format? Use this link:…

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