3 pages need at this time


please read my details carefully i need a++ quality work.

I’m looking for help in this assignment
Which focus on research paradigms
And my topic is “Promoting Creativity in Hong Kong Higher Education”

Pls see the attached photo It’s an example of this assignment
The form will be provided

Do u familiar with the research paradigms of Postpositivism, Mixed and Constructivism?
Because the assignment is about the paradigms

The total will have to find 13 articles

Meaning 13 pages

One for each page that same as the form

I would like to try 3 articles (3 pages first) and see if we can work together
If yes, then I will place the rest of the order (10 pages) as well

prepared everything in attached zip file

In the zip file you will find

1. Template (form) of this assignment
2. Detailed instructions with tips from lecturer and the recommended readings
3. Example of a former students work
4. The lecturer restricted a journal list, which all the journals can only find from these courses
5. My literature review on another subject regarding the same topic ” Promoting Creativity in Hong Kong Higher Education”, I guess it might be helpful to you, so I put it here as well

Since if we can work well together
I will love to give you the rest of the pages

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