3 text complexity analysis

Examples of Text Complexity Analysis of books 1, 2, and 3

Title and Author

Genre & Structure:

Language Conventionality and Clarity:

Content and/or Theme Concerns:

Knowledge Demands:

Quantitative Measures

Readability Formula Level :

  • The Fry Readability:
  • The SMOG Formula:
  • The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Formula:

Reader-Task Considerations

Cognitive Capabilities:

Reading Skills:

Motivation and Engagement with Task and Text:

Prior Knowledge and Experience:

Complexity of Associated Tasks:

Recommended Placement

evaluate multitexts for classroom adoption in grade levels 4–12.Choose three books that you think would be appropriate to teach in your area of content licensure for grades 4 – 12.
(special Education 7th grade) The texts must be connected to each other and to your overall content area. Books must be chapter books (no textbooks), no picture books are permitted, and literary and/or informational texts.

Section 1. Qualitative Measures

After reading the three texts you have selected, you will evaluate the qualitative measures of the selected texts using the text complexity template. In this section you will evaluate the three books (literary and/or informational) on the qualitative measures of the text including the language of the book, structure, purpose of the text, and knowledge demands.

Section 2. Quantitative Measures

Using the three different formulas below, determine the readability level (quantitative considerations) for each of the texts that you have selected. Specific instructions for how to complete these calculations can be found in the index of your text as well as using the online links found in the course.

Once you have completed the calculations, you will add the information in a narrative form on the rubric, including the levels you discovered, based on the three formulas.

Section 3. Reader-Task Considerations

In addition to the overall qualitative nature of the book, consider qualitative options a teacher may need to think about in relation to the specific readers being asked to complete this task. There are several considerations that may need to be made considering the depth of prior knowledge, content/theme concerns based on age level, or reading skills that a student may have. Be specific for each of the qualitative considerations listed in the template, giving details and suggestions.

Section 4. Recommended Placement

Write a short paragraph giving your overall recommendation of the appropriate/use placement of this text. This is your overall evaluation of the text and should include specifics that a teacher may need to know when making a decision for use in the classroom. This may include suggestions that combine all of the factors given above.

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