GB530 Unit 1 Marketing Current Event Discussion

Marketing Current Event Discussion

Select one article that applies to focusing on understanding the role of marketing in the overall business strategy. Compose a short summary (300–500 words) explaining why and how this article is relevant to the unit’s materials.

Keep in mind that when responding to each unit’s article review Discussion, your opinion is highly valued; however, the ability to integrate concepts and theories to support your ideas is also critical. This is true, not just in this class, but during your business career. Knowing what to do and how to do it is a valued skill in business and is the key to success. It is always important to apply theory to support your opinions! The better able you are to apply BOTH logic and theory, the better able you are to transfer your learning into practical application, regardless of the task, project, or job.

Important: Apply concepts or theories from your textbook reading to your review in the article review discussion. Include a relevant quote from Chapters 1, 2, or 23 of your Kotler and Keller Marketing Management textbook within your response. Include the Kotler and Keller reference at the end of your posting, along with the reference for your selected article.

  1. Post your summary and reference information.
  2. Review other postings and compare and contrast your thoughts. What did you learn? What was your key takeaway? What other concepts or theories might be applicable?

Note: Do not copy and post any article as Kaplan respects copyright protection; only submit the link/reference information.

Remember that Wikipedia® is not considered a credible source. NOTE: The article you find must have been written within the past 90 days.

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