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For this assignment, you will be creating an 8- to 10-page program evaluation proposal for an organization of your choice, along with a presentation of approximately 6–8 slides for the board of directors.

First, choose an agency, a department, or a program in your community that would be a good target for a program evaluation. This would include any program or agency where clients are being provided clinical mental health services. Additionally, a school guidance counseling department could be examined. Make sure you choose an organization where you will be able to access basic information about purpose, services providers, target population, etc.

Part I: Report

Develop an 8- to 10-page program evaluation proposal to submit to the head of the department or the board of directors. Follow the outline below:

  • Introduction: Introduce the evaluation and clearly state the purpose of the evaluation.
  • Program Description: Describe the background and purpose of the program being evaluated.
  • Needs Assessment: Although you will not actually conduct a needs analysis in this section, determine how you would conduct a needs assessment and the outcomes you would expect.
  • Evaluation Focus: On the basis of the expected outcome of the needs assessment, along with your understanding of the purpose, discuss the focus of your evaluation.
  • Methodology: Use a mixed-methods design for which you can clearly explain how both qualitative and quantitative designs apply in the evaluation process. Include the following:
    • Participants
    • Setting
    • Instruments
    • Procedures
    • Ethical issues
  • Results:
    • Discuss statistical tests that will be used to analyze quantitative data.
    • Explain the strategy that will be used to analyze qualitative data.
    • Determine possible threats to validity (both internal and external) and steps that will be taken to control for these threats.
  • Conclusions and Recommendations:Analyze and hypothesize what you think the outcome would have been if you had conducted this evaluation. Also, make recommendations for the agency, the program, or the department on the basis of your expected outcomes.

Part II: Presentation

Create a 6- to 8-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (including detailed speaker’s notes) that you could present to a board of directors, the administration, or a supervisor regarding:

  • The support needed for the proposed program evaluation
  • The way the program will be evaluated
  • Benefits expected from the evaluation

Your final products will be a Microsoft Word document of approximately 8 to 10 pages and a presentation of approximately 6 to 8 slides. Utilize approximately 5 to 7 scholarly sources in your research. Be sure to write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Use the most current APA format to cite all the sources on the reference page

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