Intro Music Question

1.) What are the primary instruments in Indian music?

2.) How is are the melodies of improvised instrumental music created?

3.) What is the relationship between Hollywood and Bollywood?

4.) Who are the gypsies and what are the origins of their music? Who was the principal in this music?

5.) How have Western music and gypsy music influenced each other?

6.) What is the role of music in African life?

7.) What is a rhythmic ostinato and how is it used in African music?

8.) What is a tone language and does it translate to African music?

9.) What are the primary instruments in Japanese music?

10.) What are the types of music found in Japan?

11.) What does Godan-Ginuta share with certain pieces in Western music and why is that shared feature important?

12.) What is a metallophone?

13.) What is a gamelan? Which instruments are included in it?

14.) Who owns the gamelan and why? What are the beliefs concerning the role or function of gamelan music? Which special component are included intentionally in the music to realize these beliefs and how is that component created

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