Leadership Training

The organization you select week 1 is designing training for all the managers at all levels. It wants to base the training on one leadership theory. Tasks: Write a paper recommending a leadership theory address following: – Why do you believe this particular theory is the best for your organization. What is your rationale?. What research can you cite to support your choice?. What are the factors in your organization that make your selected leadership theory the best choice?. – How will using this theory positively impact the following variables? . – Managers behavior toward subordinates and its effect on subordinates. – Communication. – Motivation of subordinates. – Group and team behavior. – Decision making. – Culture. Be sure that you conduct the research necessary to support your conclusions and cite your sources appropriately. Submit seven to ten page in APA style. CRITERIA: – Defended one leadership theory as the best selection for management training throughout the organization. – Justify the expected effect of training on managers behavior,on subordinates motivation. – Justified the expected effect of the training on group and team behavior. – Justified the expect effect of training culture. – Justified the expected effect of training on decision making. – Demonstrated clear writing, a professional vocabulary and correct spelling and grammar and cited all sources using APA format

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