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Online Annotation and Discussion #13

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11/14/2020 10:54:51 PM

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**THIS IS FOR AN ETHNOGRAPHY OF EAST ASIA CLASS** **USE ONLY ONE SOURCE AND BOOK ACCESS WILL BE PROVIDED** Instructions for the annotation: Read Chapter 3: Localization of Regional Culture in Youth Cultures In China by Anthony Y.H. Fung and Jeroen de Kloet and write a 250-word annotation that succinctly summarizes and evaluates the source. Here’s what to include within the annotation: 1)The purpose of the work 2)A summary of its content 3)Any special or unique features about the material 4)The strengths, weaknesses or biases in the material. If you quote, paraphrase, or use an idea from the book, after the sentence just use brackets () and place page # inside bracket. *Keep this separate from the annotation (i..e. label it as discussion question and answer)* Instructions for the discussion question. Read Chapter 3: Localization of Regional Culture in Youth Cultures In China by Anthony Y.H. Fung and Jeroen de Kloet and answer the following question in 125 words: How does the process of localization shape Chinese youth culture? *keep this separate from the discussion question answer (i.e. label it as student response)* Then respond to the following student’s response in 100 words to the same question: The book use the Chinese show, Running Man, to exemplify the localization of the originally Korean version. Running Man is produced with Chinese ideals but do not appear to be blatant propaganda to the youth. This makes the entertainment a topic of conversation that is not about politics or their Party involvement. They may partake in a pleasurable discourse without worry about being looked in on by the Chinese government who does not have an issue with approved entertainment. The origins of Running Man are from Korea and the unintended consequence of that is that Chinese youth can step into Korean culture for a moment and imagine themselves out of China’s regulated society. Who is to say how the exposure will follow them into adulthood?

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