week 6 post 1 discussion

Meant in part to be humorous, The article “Top Ten Crimes That You May Be Committing on a Daily Basis and Getting Away With (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.,” points out everyday crimes that you, or someone you know may commit casually. These were compiled after a discussion in previous sections of this course about everyday crime. Here are a couple more links about everyday crimes to give you some more ideas:

For this discussion, it is time to confess. Discuss an act of deviance, a crime if you can come up with one, that you knowingly or unknowingly committed recently, or maybe when you were younger. Try to come up with a reason based on the chapter theories, for your act of deviance and present it here. Also, discuss what kind of sanctions go along with your deviant act.

Remember that deviance has many levels and can range from walking on the wrong side of a walkway (breaking folkways), to committing a crime (breaking laws).

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