When you were a child, what traits predominated in your personality

1) When you were a child, what traits predominated in your personality?

2) The American Medical Association reported on a public opinion study regarding pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, including the types of situations in which such testing should be regulated. The conditions included fatal childhood diseases, adult onset diseases, non-medical sex selection, and intelligence or strength traits. The levels of regulation included regulation of safety and ethics, regulation of safety only, regulation of ethic only, complete ban, and no regulation. Discuss your position regarding pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and the basis for your position. Testing Embroyos and Ethic: Where Do We Draw the Line? by Kevin B. O’Reily (February 26, 2007). American Medical News. http://www.amaassn.org/mednews/2007/02/26/prsa0226…

3) How conforming are you? Make a list of times in the past week that you have conformed to the ideas of friends, coworkers, and classmates. Make a second list of times when you have not conformed. Try to be honest- watch out for the self serving bias!

4) Discuss the following question: Which do you think is more important for humans- classical or operant conditioning? Why?

5) How would our world be different if the vast majority of people could not use a specific sense such as sight, hearing, taste, or smell? Choose one of these and reflect on how society as a whole would adapt.

6) What are your perspectives on the use of prenatal genetic tests to detect conditions such as Down Syndrome? Explain.

Each answer should be at least 3/4- 1 page in length.

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