Alarm fatigue


For this assignment, think about a clinical topic, problem or question that interests you and/or from your personal, professional, or clinical experiences. Come up with a paper approaching the problem/question using the five evidence-based practice guidelines discussed below. The problem/question will be related to nursing practice in some way. In other words, there needs to be nursing implications to addressing your question. Overall guidelines for each part of the project include:

***The Five Steps of Evidence Based Practice***

STEP ONE: Ask a clinical question which may interest you in PICO format. For example, are there pharmacologic interventions that have been effective in decreasing allergy symptoms in children? OR In children, what is the effect of pharmacologic interventions on allergy symptoms?

P= Population you are interested in (e.g., children under 5 years of age)

I= Intervention or interest (e.g., use of Singulair for allergies)

C= Comparison intervention or group (e.g., comparison of Singulair with control and another allergy medication)

O= Outcome (e.g., 20% decrease in allergy symptoms for experimental group as compared to control group).

Define your question using PICO. Your question should be used to help establish your search strategy. Submit the following information for your clinical question. First provide the following (use the below format):

Patient/Problem: __________________________

Intervention: __________________________

Comparison: __________________________

Outcome: __________________________

Then write out your PICO question (IF relevant to your question, add “T”” for time frame) Template for Asking PICOT Questions

INTERVENTION In ____________________


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