empire of the sun – questions/quotes

Tom Stoppard: Empire of the Sun Test

One page.
Work alone.
No Spacing Template.
No part of the questions, answers only.

Make full use of the word-count allowance.

If you exceed one page, you’ve broken the rules.

Give 30-40-word count in parentheses after each answer.

Answers are not a matter of opinion; the evidence is in the text.
Explain the connections and implications of these quotes within the text.

Demonstrate your understanding of the text.

1. Get out of Shanghai while you can (34).

2. I didn’t mean it! It was a joke! (61).

3. I’ve been in one already at Hungjao aerodrome.

Did it fly?

Well, in a way (122).

4. He launches the glider back across the fence (140).

5. Will you tell me when it’s time? (145).

6. Jim climbs painfully to his feet and bows to Nagata, who bows back (158).

7. Ransome . . .is . . .on the take (169).

8. You’ve been had, kid (169).

9. Unhurried, he investigates and finds Jim’s shoes (185).

10. Basie said to give you this (224).

11. The white glare falls over his face and over the stadium (242).

12. Hey, kid. I just saw the shove (257).

those number in parentheses are where you can find the quote in the script to explain the connections and implications of these quotes within the text.

script: http://www.dailyscript.com/scripts/EmpireoftheSun….

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