History of Magica 800 BCE to 1600 CE

The Final Paper will be an 6-page (min.) to 10-Page (max.) argumentative essay based on any topic, place, or time period from Week 4 – Week 8 (800 BCE to 1600 CE) and must make World Historical Connections to the Period and Place(s) of focus. At least one historical concept from the class must be applied to the paper to demonstrate an understanding of the concept (Environmental, Geography, Technological [Specific One], Religious determinism, Continuity or Change, or Big-Man [important person] arguments). You must use a minimum of Three Primary Sources (From Class or Outside), Two Scholarly Secondary Sources through Library Website. You may propose an alternative project – instead of a paper: you can produce a video or podcast or some other idea that you have and you may propose teaming up with another or a group of other students to produce an alternative project. Papers will only be individual. Based on Proposal of an alternative, I will provide required length, still must follow the paper requirements. Alternative Products must still include all of the above requirements.   

Formatting Requirements (For Paper):

  1. 1” margins all around
  2. 12 Pt Times New Roman Font
  3. Double-Spaced
  4. Title Page
  5. Properly formatted Bibliography, footnote citations or parenthetical citations; See examples in module “Writing Resources” on Canvas.

Grading for Final Paper (Product) :

1. Argument Structure, 25%

    • Clearly Stated Thesis with arguable position and reasoning
    • Body paragraphs each have assertion, evidence, analysis, and transition – drives argument forward.
    • Conclusion that restates thesis and recaps main points2

2. Evidence, 25%

        • Minimum 3 Primary and 2 Scholarly Secondary Sources
        • Do these support your argument?

3. Analysis and Concepts, 25%

    • Directly engage source material with your own analysis.
    • Paraphrases show analysis and connections to argument
    • Concept (approach to history) is identified and explained

4. Grammar and Style, 25%

  • Proper punctuation, capitalization, and tenses
  • Proper citations with all required information.
  • Bibliography in proper format, only includes works used in paper citations.
  • Title Page separate from first page of text
  • All formatting rules followed.
  • No citation and Bibliography will be a Zero
  • No citation with Bibliography will be a 50% score.



Aristotle, “La Politica”, 1900 No place, unknown, or undetermined: Prometeo, [19_?]  The Politics of Aristotle, translated by B. Jowett (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1885) vol. 1, pp 2-3, 6-10.


“Han Yu, Memorial on the Bone of the Buddha”, Sources of Chinese Tradition, 2nd ed., compiled by Wm. Theodore de Bary and Irene Bloom et al. (New York: Columbia University Press, 1999) vol. 1, pp. 583-85.


Kamm, Antony. “The Romans: an introduction”, 2008 2nd Edition London; New York: Routledge


Lascelles, Christopher “A Short History of the World”, 2011 Crux Publishing Ltd. Great Britain.


Lennon, Jack J “Victimarii in Roman Religion and Society”, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press


McGill, Sara Ann “Ancient Roman Religion”, 2009 Place of publication not identified Great Neck Publishing


“Salvian of Marseilles, On the Governance of God”, From Roman to Merovingian Gaul: A Reader, edited and translated by Alexander Callander Murray (Peterborough: Broadview Press, 2000), pp. 113-17.


Professors comments on my Bibliography

\”Bibliography has wrong information for every primary source. You did no annotations. Kamm is a general work

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