Marketing Case Study

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Marketing Case Study

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Case Study

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The midterm is based on the case Wheaties which you downloaded at the start of the semester. The midterm is a written case, to be done individually in the case in the format specified for cases and posted on Canvas. I will be reading each case study – the work needs to be your own. Be sure to site outside data you use. Must be submitted per the date on the syllabus. Use the specified case format and the questions below must be weaved into your write-up. Be sure you provide a rationale all your points. I will be looking for insight behind your answers. I care about the WHY and your thinking? Define Target Market – provide a detailed summary of the Wheaties Target Market? Why did you choose that target? How is the market segmented? Why did you choose those dimensions for segmentation? Define Brand Awareness and what position is Wheaties in with brand awareness? Why? Define Brand Loyalty and what do you think the brand loyalty situation is with Wheaties? Why? Develop the Wheaties brand Long-Term essentials. Use the format from class – see below. What is a positioning map? Develop a positioning map for Wheaties. Why did you select those axes? Define Brand Equity? How strong is the brand equity behind Wheaties? Why? What do you believe is the long-term outlook for Wheaties? Case Format – site all sources used. Remember the guidelines on business writing. Case Write Up Executive Summary (I suggest you write this last) Background – pertinent facts, define the problem Identification of key issues Identification of market and competitors Recommendations Rationale Next Steps Weave into your write up answers to specific questions posted in the case. Weave in class material to the case – target consumer, brand positioning, brand equity, brand marketing plan, accelerating brand growth. I have the article if needed**

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