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Novel Reflection

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Essay Question #2 – Reflection Essay English 1102 (Sections 003 and 004) Summer 2020 – Douglas College – David N. Wright Essay Question #2: Reflection Essay Assignment ~750-Word Essay Weight: 20% Due: Monday, July 13, 2020 11:59pm (by Email – Prompt: You are casting roles in either a movie or a radio version of The Sign of Four or Murder Must Advertise. Write an essay that argues for a specific (real-life / dead or alive) actor being cast for any single character role in either The Sign of Four or Murder Must Advertise. Instructions: Your essay should make reference to the following: ?The medium of performance (is it a movie or a radio drama–or some particular sub-genre (a musical, an action film). ?How the characteristics of the actor suit the particular medium (why is the actor suited to radio? Or, how is the actor suitable for a musical?) ?At least 3, but not more than 5, specific references to the text that provide examples of the distinctive characteristics the actor might bring to the role–the text should be used to provide evidence that helps your reader understand why a particular actor would suit the role. What descriptive elements of a character, taken from the text, might apply to the actor (i.e., voice, gait, sex appeal, attitude, gesture, habit, etc.)? ?One named actor, living or dead, your reader could readily access through Google. (In other words, avoid using an actor no one has ever heard of… your reader should be able to access the actor’s work readily.) Guidance: ?This essay question pushes you to support your casting choice by showing how the text represents the characteristics you think the actor possesses. Make sure you account for the representational qualities of the medium. An essay that speaks to a radio drama will emphasize aspects of voice and other elements common to radio production whereas an essay that speaks to a movie production might emphasize visual aspects. Make sure you carefully name these “aspects.” Avoid generalizations–carefully collect descriptions in the text and reflect on how a particular actor might embody those descriptive characteristics. ?Higher grades will go to essays that show a clear and tangible connection between descriptions in the text and elements of the actor that are developed and clearly justified. Lower grades will be assigned to essays that simply force a connection without any clear reflection justifying the connections between actor and description. ?Best to choose your actor after you have collected the descriptions for the text, not before. ?You may write in the first person, but you do not need to. ?Imagining this scenario might help: you have decided to hire an actor for your radio production of Murder Must Advertise, but the person who is funding the production is skeptical. What would you say to convince her to give you the money to hire this actor? Remember, the person funding the project is probably quite familiar with Murder Must Advertise and knows something about the actor (otherwise, why would she be skeptical). Argue for your casting choice clearly so that she can see the suitability and trust your “take” on–or interpretation of–the text. ?Higher grades will go to essays that push expectations. For instance, higher grades will go to essays that shift our expectations about what gender might occupy the role while still maintaining a clear case for suitability or the perspective that shift in expectations might force on the listener / viewer. ?I expect that you will be making some assumptions about the characteristics of the real-life actor–that’s fine. There is no need to “research” the actor, go with what you know of the actor as it stands. I am looking more at how and why you connect the actor to the role, not the accuracy of your assumptions about the actor’s capability or personality. ?Simplest possible line of process for this assignment: 1. Choose your text (Sign of Four or Murder Must Advertise); 2. Choose your medium (radio or movie); 3. Choose a single character from the text; 4. Go through the text and find descriptions of that character; 5. Find an actor (living or dead) who might fit the descriptions you have found; 6. Write an essay that supports the connection you have made between the descriptions of the character and your perception of the actor. Your thesis will be a statement about why you think the actor is suited to the characteristics outlined in your examples. ?Remember the above line of process is the simplest–higher grades will go to more astute or creative applications of literary terms, course concepts, and elements of “text wrestling” outlined in Empoword. ?This essay question is designed to see how you apply the concepts of the course up to this point. If you have not done the reading in Empoword or engaged with the course study sheets and Online lectures, you will find the assignment difficult. Make sure you have completed the reading for the course before you attempt to complete this essay. ?Hey, does your essay have a decent title? Book that was chosen needs to be the only reference It has to be around 750 words

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