A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF Deborah Brandt’s essay “Sponsors of Literacy”

PLEASE HAVE A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF Deborah Brandt’s essay “Sponsors of Literacy”

Deborah Brandt’s essay “Sponsors of Literacy” discussed the important threshold concept that writing and literacy is shaped by one’s collective prior experiences. The experiences one accumulates from literacy starts at a very young age and has a strong impact on the attitudes that will be formed as time goes on.

  1. Explain one of the threshold concepts : (1) that your experiences have shaped your literacy practices—both what they are and what they are not. And (2) language is a life-shaping (identity shaping) force.
  2. Point to specific passages from the readings that relate to or demonstrate the threshold concept.
  3. Share examples from your life to support your explanation.
  4. What are some of the implications of this threshold concept for you?
  5. What is potentially significant about this threshold concept more broadly?

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