Business Research 3

Part One: 03 Discussion – Practice through Article Review

(Needs to be 150 words)

Initial Post: Read the following journal article titled, The Dimensions of Customer Preference in The Foodservice Industry.

After reading the article, determine the primary research question or hypothesis, investigative questions, and measurement questions (if available), research methods, variables, the measurement scale, errors, and/or other limitations of the study.


Part Two: 03 Course Project – Finalize your Research Plan/Proposal

In a previous module, you began developing your research plan/proposal, and now it is time to expand upon, perfect, and finalize your research plan by identifying:

  • research methodology
  • investigative questions
  • measurement questions
  • measurement scale(s)
  • likely participants
  • potential for errors
  • how you will compensate for or explain errors

Your final research plan should include key elements from your initial research plan/proposal submitted in an earlier module, and should mostly be written in paragraph form (use bullet points or a numbering system for the measurement questions). You do not have to include your full literature review, though it is a good idea to refer to and include aspects from the literature review that informed your research plan. Your plan should be aim to be approximately two pages; your plan may be longer depending on the demands of your research project.


Include an APA formatted cover page, and include APA in-text citations and a reference page if sources are used.


Note: After constructing your research plan, begin putting your research plan into action. If your plan includes administering an electronic survey, remember that you can search online for “survey tools” or “survey makers” to locate helpful survey creation software; Google Forms and SurveyMonkey are two of the most popular. Record results and relevant data as you conduct your study. You will begin analysis of your research results and data later in this course.…

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