Can you please make sure the sources are from fullerton college thank you in advance

Directions: Research and write about an important Supreme Court case for civil rights that influenced American lives. In his book Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson mentions some of these cases such as Loving v. Virginia, Plessy v. Ferguson, Batson v. Kentucky, or Brown v. Board of Education. Choose one to research and write about. It doesn’t have to be one of the above. You need to collect a minimum of three sources. This essay should be a minimum of 5 pages. Please add in-text citations, a works cited page and make sure this essay is in MLA format.

The Essay:
1. Your essay should work to answer the question: In what ways did this court decision impact American lives?
2. Explain the case and the decision in detail.
3. Discuss the outcome of the case and the impact, negative or positive

Essay Checklist: Before bringing your rough draft to class, use this checklist to make sure you have the following in your essay.
1. A focus on ONE court case
2. Three sources from our library, integrated into your essay to support your paragraphs
3. A thesis statement that makes an arguable claim about the impact this court case made on American lives.
4. Focused paragraphs with topic sentences
5. In-text citations
6. Works cited page

7 sources must be included from college web Fullerton community coll

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