DQ 9 Response 2

Response to Below DQ 100 words APA format with 1 Peer Reviewed Journal scholary source

Discussion Topic 1: Policy Implications of Patient Safety Standards and Practices


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Health professionals should share a common understanding of patient safety standards and practices. This is an area within the health field that cannot be fragmented. It is important that the standards are identified and implemented, as well as put into practice by each health professional at all times, to ensure that there is no margin for error. Nursing is an extremely autonomous field, however, there are some basic aspects that should not be overlooked; Patient safety is one of them. Employees of the facilities must work together to ensure that patient safety is the highest priority. The management team should understand the rules and practices of patient safety before they can train their employees. Succeeding requires establishing a common vision and the expected results that will be achieved with the interprofessional education initiative (Milstead, 2016).

Whereas the direct attention of the patient is provided by humans who are not perfect; It is very common to make mistakes. From a policy point of view; It is important to understand that no mistake is committed intentionally; thus, separating any form of punitive action in case of error. Recognize that erring is of human help to an organization to adopt corrective and proactive measures that are not punitive actions. This translates into the implementation of measures aimed at avoiding errors such as maintaining a clear communication with other team members, requesting and giving feedback for all verbal orders, being alert to accidents that expect to occur, simplifying the processes to reduce transfers. , standardize protocols, develop and participate in multidisciplinary team training, involve patients in their care, be responsive when discussing mistakes and accidents when paying attention when a staff member challenges the safety of a plan or a care process . (Donaldson, 2008)

Given that errors are usually inevitable regardless of the health profession in which they find themselves, it is not necessary to promote harsh punitive actions for health professionals. If you put too much interest in punitive measures, blame blames are encouraged among the health professionals involved when errors occur instead of focusing on how to solve or lessen the error. This tendency worsens the quality of service provision as everyone focuses on healing from the guilt. If it is desired to improve patient safety, it is important that health care leaders and employers change the policies that punish health professionals and focus on surveillance and any possible effort to minimize such errors (Baker et al, 2005).


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