Evaluation (Theology)

Please write in simple English, vocabulary, and grammar. So the part that you need to answer will be on the files below under the name ( Self-evaluation -science and religion) and please read the instructions carefully.

Here is a short explanation of what (Self-evaluation -science and religion):

First of all, you need to write a couple of introductions. Then, for “section 1”, since they told me about how my understanding of this class has evolved, below I have pasted and dropped some class materials that I have learned and you can use some of this to relate to section one. Under section 2, they told me to use two of my journal entries, so I will drop my journal entries which under “Journal” and you can select any that you feel great about. for section 3, you can read the instructions. And section 4 you do not need to do. THANKYOU!

Class materials which you can use to relate:

– Books “download”: http://library.lol/main/80C8B29ED0FA6697325802B7B3…

– Movie:

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