I am writing a business plan for a start-up company located in Vienna, Austria and need help

About the company:

Our goal is to reach people who want to eat healthier and to inspire them with our products. We want to enable people to cook and bake quickly, regardless of their age or life situation. That is why we do not use any artificial additives, flavor enhancers or artificially added sugar in any of our products.

Statistics on finished products with sugar etc.

Our first two products make the impossible come true. Snacking with absolutely no sugar. We have specialized in two very popular delicacies that we offer in the form of ready-made baking mixes. On the one hand, we have added grandma’s popular marble cake and, on the other hand, the chocolatey American Dream Brownies to our range of brands. Since both products are 100% sugar-free and still taste good, they are not only made for the normal “sweet tooth” who want to eat sweet things without gaining weight, but also for special groups of people who should avoid products with sugar. This includes diabetics, people who are overweight or who have dental problems, but also people with heart disease with blood pressure problems. Even children from the age of four can learn to snack on sugar-free foods through our products without having dental problems or developing early sugar addiction.

With this, I need you to write a/an:

  • Operating Plan
  • Market Research
  • Change and Market Pain
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Competition Analysis
  • Product Positioning
  • Promotional Plan

I have also attached our start-up’s slide presentation for further information. For each component, it should contain 750-1500 words.

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