Individual Assignment For Franchising and Licensing Class

Hello, my class name is Franchising and Licensing, it is a hospitality class.

I just have a individual assignment that need you to help me.

The request of whole assignment is:

The criteria for evaluating the Franchisor you select are based on the course objectives:

1. How does the company demonstrate cooperative strategies

2. How do the company’s management systems support the success of the franchisee

3. How does the company’s recent history of operational and legal issues support the success of the franchisee

4. How do the company’s sales and marketing strategies support successful operations for a franchisee

5. How do the company’s financial strategies support successful operations for a franchisee

6. What is the company’s track record on relationship building between the franchisor-franchisee. For example, how are their contract negotiations, what channels of communications exist, have there been any “uprisings”?

7. What potential franchisor-franchisee conflicts exist

8. How does the company’s strength of chain affiliations compare to industry competitors

9. How does the company’s strength of global distribution compare to industry competitors

10. How does the company’s strength of their ability to create and sustain a competitive advantage compare to industry competitors

The information to use in your evaluation will come from two sources. First is the franchise disclosure document (FDD/FA) provided by a Franchisor. A comprehensive review and analysis of each Item in the FDD is required. Second is information from multiple sources outside of the company to ensure a balanced, thorough evaluation.

AFTER CONDUCTING THOROUGH RESEARCH ON ALL TEN ITEMS, select the five most important items to make your decision. Each of the five items must have a minimum of two examples supported by the company’s documents AND two examples supported by external sources.


PAPER – Total 20 points

Introduction and Conclusion 10%

Thorough discussion of 5 items 80%

Minimum 4 examples per item

Examples are relevant and recent

Assessment of examples thorough and reasoned

Cited sources demonstrate depth in research

APA Format with Title page and Citations page 10%

Points may be deducted for excessive inappropriate or
misspelled words, improper punctuation or grammar errors.

I selected three Steakhouse Franchise that is LongHorn, Texas Roadhouse and Outback Steakhouse. The important thing is LongHorn is my main Franchise that I chose. Texas Roadhouse and Outback Steakhouse is the competitors. Please according to the Grading to finish the individual assignment. Thorough discussion of 5 items means that choose 5 questions to answer from 10 questions that I posted.

I just need 6-8 pages and APA format. This assignment need to Turnitin, so don’t plagiarize.

Please give it to me on time. Thank you~

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