literacy narrative as a reader

Assignment: construct a literacy narrative, or a story, about yours and others’ experiences as a reader. Ultimately, your narrative will make a point about reading and/or literacy. Your thesis statement should suggest the thing or things which you have learned through the process.

To support your thesis statement, your final draft should have an introduction with a clear thesis statement that communicates what you have learned and what is important about it. Your essay should also have fully-developed supporting paragraphs which provide the following kinds of evidence:

  • Your personal experiences as a reader ( what you read and what you have learned from the experience)
  • Interviews from classmates about their own literacy experiences;
  • And short quotations from Graff and Rodriguez.
  • Other requirements: 3 to 5 pages in
    , appropriately formatted to MLA style, double-spaced, and
    fully-developed paragraphs with an interesting title.

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