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sorry but i cant quite seem to gather my thoughts help!!

In response to your email from yesterday, I would like to clarify that at no time have I requested a change in due dates for I have been on a payment arrangement schedule since last year. I was placed on this agreement by Ms. Gladys Estrada. My property manager has been aware of it. I understand that Ms. Estrada is no longer with your company at the time when we reached the agreement she was a representative of Carrefour. Therefore, if there needs to be a modification to the arrangement, I should be allowed the courtesy of proper protocol. This thread of emails bolsters my position as to my discriminatory claims my family, and I are treated differently than other residents because of our Mexican nationality. Preferential treatment is consistently provided to the Cuban residents. Due to the property manager, and myself are unable to communicate because of her treatment towards my family and me. Ms. Estrada instructed me to direct my communications to her. Also, I’m very saddened that now my personal lease and financial information has been divulged to other residents in my building for I notice that there is a resident Cc’d on your last email. That is vindictive and very disingenuous on your behalf. I had verbal communication with Francisco Rodriguez on January 9th, 2017 on where he instructed me in Spanish to discard the three-day notice and continue making my rent payments the same way I have been doing unless otherwise advised. As a result of this conversation, I followed up with an email requesting confirmation. Due to my past experiences with the property manager, I prefer to have everything in writing. So at that time I requested a brief acknowledgment from our conversation its at that time that he requested that I request permission to continue allowed to pay as I was doing. Lets recap last year after several disagreements with the property manager Gladys intervened and mediated the situation. that is when she put me on the payment arrangement that I am currently on. So I’m confused with this thread of emails asking me to ask the property manager when her supervisor is the one that instructed me to do it.

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