Theories and Sociology

Answer the following question in 3 pages, double-spaced, 12-inch font, Times New Roman, ASA format required. Address each part of the question and cite a broad range of specific material/resources. Scholarly sociological peer-reviewed articles, books, and other materials must be used. Your use of evidence and argument should demonstrate your understanding of Bioethics and Sociology. Number your pages and also reference what pages in the articles or info is being used.


What are at least three of the most important
contributions of theories from sociology and other social sciences (e.g.,
history, economics, psychology, anthropology, and political science), and
social science methods and empirical research, to the study of bioethics? How
have these theoretical and empirical contributions supported or differed from
other approaches? Explain the contributions that you see and give examples.

1 theory per page.

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