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  1. First, find a media depiction of parents – this could be a print advertisement or an online advertisement or a video advertisement or an image on a product. Use American media rather than media from another culture because the goal is to get you reflecting on values, beliefs, and expectations for American parents (assuming that is the culture with which you are most familiar. If you are from a different culture, you can use an image from that culture).
  2. Second, write an analysis of the implicit parenting values or expectations portrayed in the advertisement and discuss what this advertisement suggests about American ethnotheories of parenting (recognizing that ethnotheories will vary across subcultures within the United States).
    • Make sure you connect dimensions of the advertisement (e.g., who is there (and who isn’t pictured), what they are doing, what they aren’t doing, facial expressions, etc.) with the ethnotheories you identify.
    • The focus of your paper should be on an analysis of the advertisement and making connections between your analysis and the course content – i.e., the readings, lecture and discussions. Make sure you use course terms and concepts. Refer to ideas from the assigned reading on ethnotheories. Think less about your own beliefs and focus on what is portrayed in the image/video that you identify. Connect what is depicted with ideas from the course – readings and lecture.
  3. Make sure you include a copy of the advertisement – a photo, screenshot, etc. Please copy and paste your image into your paper document (image should NOT count towards your two double spaced pages). If you are unable to copy and paste your image to the end of your document (which is my preference), make sure you upload it as a separate file.


Use 12pt Times font | 1 inch margins | Minimum of 2 pages of text (double-spaced). The 2 pages does NOT include the header and image. Put your name only as the header on the paper.

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