Middle age theory

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Middle age theory

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9/2/2019 8:24:23 AM

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Application of Selected Theory to Practice PowerPoint (PPT) The purpose of this power point (PPT) is to improve your knowledge of practice by applying a middle-range (mid-range)nursing theory to a practice issue or problem. For this assignment you need to think about an issue or problem within you own practice area. Now choose a middle-range nursing theory that can be applied to your issue/problem to improve it. You will need to create an 8 to 10 slide, narrated PPT explaining your findings. The 8 to 10 slides is content. Additionally, a title slide and a reference slide are required. To support information shared on each slide, include citations for each slide and a reference page at the end of the PowerPoint presentation. Citations and references are based on current professional literature (sources). Include required textbook and current professional literature (within the last 3 to 5 years). The original (primary) source of the middle-range nursing theory may be older than 3-5 years. This presentation should be done in Microsoft Powerpoint and should include a voice-over narration. The narrated powerpoint should be no more than 10 minutes in length. Google “narrated powerpoint”” for instructions on how to create a narrated powerpoint. Your presentation needs to include the following: Clearly describe the problem or issue. Provide a rationale for the significance of this issue or problem. The rationale must be supported by current professional literature. Choose a middle-range nursing theory that can influence or change your issue or problem. Support with current professional literature. Explain why you chose this middle-range nursing theory. Support with current professional literature. Discuss the appropriateness of theory chosen. Support with current professional literature. Present key points and/or concepts of middle-range nursing theory. Support with current professional literature. Explain how this middle-range nursing theory influences your issue/problem. Support with current professional literature. Please see the rubric below. This rubric should be used to assure you hit all of the required points for your presentation. Faculty will use this rubric for grading.

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