minimal 250 words discussion and three responses

Read “Setting” (in the file, name setting.pdf)

All of the selections (in the file, name Dillard – Present.pdf, Saner.pdf, Friend.pdf, Bright.pdf) are very different and think about place in very different ways. They also are very different in their approach in describing setting. Choose one selection from one of the readings that you feel uses setting in an interesting, successful, odd, bothersome, or otherwise discussion-worthy way.

Copy the selection (a short paragraph or so—if it’s too long, give article and page numbers and only use quotes from the selection).

Write a response to the selection you chose. As you respond, think about what problems, questions, and concerns you have as you plan and draft your unit 2 paper Writing about places [This is for paper which is upcoming. if you bid this work, please help me do the upcoming paper(Writing about places).because the discussion and the paper are connected. I will invite you later when the paper comes(budget $35-40 6pages double space)] Do not bid if you do not want to do further works

Please choose three of postings and respond to them. Answer questions, pose questions of your own to their ideas, expand on their posts, and work through ideas together. Again, Do not bid if you do not want to do further works. Thanks

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