Psychology question

Qualitative researchers can use questionnaires to collect data. Suppose a qualitative researcher is interested in the behaviors of physicians that have high ratings of patient satisfaction. The research goal is to identify the behaviors of successful physicians so that these behaviors can be built into the curricula of medical preparation programs. The researcher undertakes a case study and uses three instruments to gather data.

1. First, the researcher gives a likert-scale questionnaire to patients of a select group of physicians to determine the perceived behaviors that lend to higher levels of satisfaction.

2. Second, the researcher reviews video recordings of physician-patient encounters from 10 physicians who have been rated highly by patients in a reliable satisfaction survey.

3. Third, the researcher interviews patients to glean more detail about physical behaviors that improve patient satisfaction.

How might these data be analyzed separately and then triangulated as the researcher presents the results?

Data needs to be studied and read and analyzed by the researcher.Once that have done this and separated what they need, the data needs to be coded and put into SPSS so it can be determined if there are similar words, phrases or themes that are present in the data (GCU, 2016). It can rank in order the data from highest to lowest to show relevance to the researcher.

Triangulation of the data will give a better all-around picture of the data so the researchers can have a grasp on all areas of the measurements.Due to the different forms of measurement triangulation is possible and always useful if it is possible to use (Frost, 2011).


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