Two Paragraphs Only

This discussion board has two parts (are you surprised? 🙂

Graphic novel is attached (Fun Home)

For the first part, “sell us” on your research essay. What story or graphic novel will you pair with Passing? What principle will you explore from it? How is this meaningful in some way?Please review the guidelines and sample topics before posting.

For the second part, pick one of the two quotations about Passing. Discuss what the quote means, and where you see some of its ideas evident in the novel. One full paragraph, 8 sentences minimum. Include the quotation.

If you’d like to see the full papers where these quotes came from, you can refer back to these essays.

  • Option #1:
  • “. . .This paper will explore Irene’s persistent, extreme, and contradictory responses to Clare Kendry. Through her sublime façade and gothic architecture–Clare’s face and place respectively – Clare embodies Irene’s homoerotic attraction and anxieties about race” (Wagner 145)
  • Option #2:
  • Sami Schalk argues that Clare “transes,” that is, she does not stay in one racial or sexual orientation category. She crosses those boundaries. Schalk states that “There is ample evidence for the active, multi-directional movement of Clare’s transing. The most obvious and well-discussed of the identity binaries that she traverses in the text is race” (153). Where does Clare “trans,” or cross a racial, sexual, or sexual orientation boundary?

Two paragraphs total.

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