Unit 1 Discussion 2

Issues of Families in Later Life

It is important to develop an understanding of the social context and social constructions of the family in later life. How social theorists and researchers think about, analyze, critique, and investigate questions related to the family in later life is the focus of this discussion. You will want to note areas of why some questions and issues have remained unasked and unexamined. This would help to fill in the gaps in your understanding of the family in later life. Because the family in later life is reshaping the future for us all, as a human service and public service leader you will find compelling issues for yourself, your family, and for the larger society.

In your initial post for this discussion, consider the fact that the family in later life continues to change over time, with each succeeding cohort of older adults bringing their own preferences and values and lifestyles. Use the information in the Global Aging graphic (linked in the Resources) about the projected increase of older Americans in the population, and find two Web sites devoted to the family in later life. Reflect on your reactions as a human service and public service leader, share the Web sites, and comment on your reactions by responding to the following:

  • What can you relate to on the Web sites or in the graphic?
  • What issues do you imagine Web sites for the family in later life will address for your generation? Do you think these issues will be different from those faced by the current generation?
  • How would you change the Web sites or the graphic to be more relevant to your particular age group and the families in later life you have met or experienced?

Make sure to add references

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