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Now that we have ALL read The Stranger and written a thoughtful analysis of one aspect of the novel, it’s time for us to branch out into research.
For this next phase, you will need to find another thinker/writer who has weighed in with their analysis of Camus’ work. Use the “Literature Resource Center” on the CCA Libraries website and find a scholarly critique of The Stranger with which you either agree or disagree. This can grow out of your first analysis (for example, you might find another scholar who argues that the novel is absurdist) and you can agree with this argument, or you can disagree. For now, you just need to FIND AND READ YOUR ARTICLE on The Stranger, and formulate your argument. As always, read slowly and carefully and decide whether or not you are going to argue or agree with the other scholar. Take notes on the article that include the scholar’s main points and what you think of them.

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