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APA Guideline, 1,200-1,700 word count, proper english and grammar, 3 Scholary reference to each question. All parts of questions must be answer. No cover sheet needed. A good paper with the proper guidelines.

Select the link to read Case A – Walton Art Center
1. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. 400 word count
2. Considering the challenges she is facing, what should Anita’s plan be for the strategic planning retreat? How would you reformulate the Art Center’s mission? Does the Center need a new strategy? Why or why not? 350 word count
3. How do some organizations predict the short and long-term future? Explain in detail how a downturn in the economy affects not-for-profit organizations, as opposed to for-profit ones. 350 word count
4. Identify and explain the factors that demonstrate the Walton Art Center’s utilization of the business-level differentiation strategy. What changes could be enacted that would alter the Center’s strategy to one of low-cost? Would this be advisable? Why? 450 word count

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