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Submit your topic for your research paper.

Topic Ideas

The following list includes some possible topics for your final paper, but the actual topic choice is yours. You are certainly free to select a topic that is not on this list. This list is here to get you thinking and offer inspiration. If you wish to pick a topic not on the list, submit your topic for approval with details about what exactly you wish to pursue in the Topic Selection discussion forum in Module Two.

You need to submit a topic idea and some details about where you wish to take your research regardless of whether the desired topic is from the list or not.

 A favorite amendment to the Constitution (First, Second, Fifth, and Fourteenth are especially popular)

 Presidential impeachments/process: Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and/or Bill Clinton

 Presidential scandals: Watergate, Teapot Dome

 Censorship of the press for national security or “morality”

 The limits on free speech and expression placed upon members of the military

 Gay marriage

 History of abortion laws and pertinent court cases

 Handling conflict of interest in the federal judiciary

 Campaign finance rules/reform

 Activist Supreme Courts, whether liberal or conservative

 The evolution of the rights of the accused

 Restoring voting rights to convicted felons

 The death penalty

 Juveniles in the criminal justice system

 Leadership positions in the Congress and how leaders are chosen

 The committee system in the Congress

 The use and/or abuse of the filibuster over time in the Senate

 The Electoral College and how it selects a president

 Unpopularly elected presidents, the circumstances, and their ultimate success or failure

 Presidential elections decided by the House of Representatives

 The presidency of someone you admire or love to hate (cannot be merely biography)

 The growth of the federal government since the 1930s

 Affirmative action/equal opportunity

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