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Community Assessment

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Step 2 – Community Assessment-Hall county, Georgia Heart Disease • Community assessment is a key step in the process of planning health care for populations, groups and communities. Keeping in mind that the focus of community oriented practice is healthful change for a population; this assignment provides the student with the opportunity to apply the steps of the community assessment process, as well as the nursing process, in planning care for a population and organizing an educational activity. • Each student will complete a community assessment based on the topic they have chosen (i.e., obesity, tobacco/vaping use amongst teens, drug abuse, teen pregnancy). • Health Indicators. Utilizing concepts learned in the course the students will complete a modified community assessment following the guidelines outlined below. Collaboration with peers, faculty, health care professionals and community members will be necessary throughout the project. Please do your best with this content as many healthcare workers (including public health nurses) will be unavailable given the current Covid 19 pandemic. • Based on the data collected and the analysis of that data, a formal Community Assessment paper will be prepared. APA format will be utilized. • Evaluation will be based on accuracy of data, depth of response, analysis of data, prioritization of problems, plan of care, evaluation of plan as well as clarity of expression and organization of ideas. Community Assessment Criteria • Define the Problem o Describe the specific community health problem under study o Describe the magnitude of the problem from the following perspectives: ? Global ? National ? State ? Your assigned population: county (counties) ? Compare and contrast the magnitude of the problem to other populations (i.e. state, nation, global) o Describe the assessment techniques utilized to conduct the assessment • Describe the demographics of your population as it relates to the region and the impact on the health problem o Sex and age o Income levels o Occupations o Educational levels o Ethnic identities o Family structures o Lifestyle behaviors that influence health status and your assigned health problem o Health status o Health concerns • Identify and Describe Community Resources – by state, county, etc. o Health/social services available to deal with this problem o Usage rates of these health/social community resources o Barriers to utilization of community resources o Gaps in community resources/services o Appropriate health care providers • Analyze Data o Review all data (objective and subjective) collected and analyze the results o Summarize the issues identified that relate to the community health problem including perspectives from the client and health care providers. • Plan of Care o Formulate a plan designed to meet the specific community health problem. Review the literature for current research related to the problem and the plan that you develop. Clearly describe the primary, secondary and tertiary interventions and objectives of the plan. o Identify resources, including personnel, facilities and financing needed to implement the plan. o Describe the most appropriate method of evaluation for this plan o Describe how the plan that you have developed will be of value to your community o Include a reference list in APA format of appropriate resources utilized in formulating the plan of care. The references utilized should include at least three scholarly sources describing evidence based practice related to the problem and/or the plan of care; sources should be other than your textbook. • Intervention o Describe an intervention that could be utilized to improve the health problem – focusing on primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. o Prepare a one-page description of the activity and how it will be organized to be included as an appendix to the paper submitted. Step 3 – Write up the findings from your community assessment and submit in D2L Assignments (Community Essay – Final Essay) before 11:59P on April 29th. GRADING CRITERIA: Community Assessment/Final Essay Limit paper to no more than 15 typed pages (not including the cover & reference pages) PROJECT SECTION SLO POSSIBLE POINTS POINTS EARNED ASSESSMENT A. Problem Defined (5) B. Demographics (10) C. Community Resources (10) 1-7 20% PLANNING A. Analysis of Data/Problem Identification (10) B. Community Plan of Care (including goals, interventions and evaluation methods) (15) 1-7 30% PAPER ORGANIZATION/ APA FORMAT A. Clarity of expression, organization, grammar, spelling, etc. (3) B. Use of APA style (no abstract needed) Cover page (2) Body of the paper (10) Reference list (5) 8 20% INTERVENTION A. Proposed interventions (15) B. Organization and impact of the proposed activity for the health problem. (15) 1, 5-7 30% Grade _____________ Total points earned __

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