Creative Response Sonnet

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Creative Response Sonnet

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For your second creative response, you will be trying your hand at some creative writing of your own! This assignment asks you to write a sonnet. You can write your sonnet on any topic of your choosing, but you must demonstrate that you’ve thought about the way that your own poem engages with the formal and thematic conventions of the sonnet form. Your sonnet should conform to one of the three main types (English, Italian, or Spenserian), although you may of course play with the form just as the poets we read did! In addition to your sonnet, you must also include an explanation of your writing and thinking process that should total approximately one page, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-pt font. In this explanation, you should address the following points: How the formal aspects of your poem engage with sonnet conventions: for example, which type of sonnet did you choose to write? Did you alter the traditional rhyme scheme or structure of that form? How, and for what reason? Where does your volta occur, and what was the intended effect of positioning it there? How and why did you choose to conform to or subvert the formal expectations of the sonnet form? How the thematic aspects of your poem engage with sonnet conventions: why did you choose to write about the topic you chose? Is this is a traditional sonnet topic, or did you choose to work against convention, and why did you? If it’s not a traditional sonnet topic or theme, why do you think the sonnet is still an effective form for discussing that topic?

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