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This assignment is intended give you experience drafting legal documents. Please use the following scenario to draft a Request for Production of Documents to the other side. Make sure that your document meets the requirements for what is necessary in your jurisdiction. Please look to your state and/or local rules if you are not familiar with how to prepare this. Good luck.

Mork and Mindy are getting a divorce. They have been together for 11 years. Mork has a business that he owns where he sells colorful suspenders on the internet. Recently, the market for colorful suspenders has exploded and Mork is bringing in lots of business. He leases a building where he keeps inventory and has an office. Mindy has always been a stay at home mom with their two kids, Nan and Nu. In her divorce complaint, Mindy is seeking primary custody of Nan and Nu. She is also seeking spousal support during the divorce and alimony after the divorce. The suspenders market has made a somewhat cushy life for Mindy, Nan and Nu and she does not want to give that up now and miss spending time with her kids or miss the activities she participates in at their school, like being a PTA member, a chaperone for trips, and a lunch mom. The children are involved in all sorts of sports and recreational activities and Mindy worries how she will continue to pay for these things now that she is divorcing Mork.

Your firm represents Mindy and you need to send a Request for Production of Documents to Mork’s attorney. Be list sure to list all pertinent documents that you think will be helpful in this divorce action. At a minimum, you are to list numbers 1 through 10. Each number can have one item or multiple items. You are free to list more if you think they are relevant. This action is Mindy Fromork v. Mork Fromork, In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama. Docket # 123456. Again, your supervising attorney on this task is Randall Manager. His law license number if 888888 and he is at VCO Family Law Firm, 65 Bagby Drive, Suite 126, Birmingham, AL 35209 – Phone 111-222-3333. The attorney for Mork is Even Steven, 42 Bagby Drive, Suite 100,Birmingham, AL 35209 – Phone 111-222-3334.

Be sure that your request includes a section on instructions and definitions directing the party as to what you are looking for. The sample in the book does not have this, so you will need to find this information elsewhere. No references are needed. The final product submitted must look as though you are going to submit it directly to the court.

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