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Using at least two (2) of the foundational ethical theories studied in Module 2 FOR EACH QUESTION, you should answer the following questions. With each answer, you should discuss the issues and set forth and defend a clear position on whether or not any constraint ought to be placed on the freedom of a business to: export capital (factories, jobs, resources) for production abroad (remember, you will want to concentrate on the ethics of this proposed action, rather than the political or legal implications) on export commodities which have been banned from sale in the United States due to health or safety concerns downsize in the face of economic difficulty break union contracts in the face of economic difficulty General Instruction for Written Assignments Your written assignment is intended to test your understanding of important concepts and discover how to sharpen your intellectual skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and application. The intent of the written assignment is to provide an opportunity to more fully describe, explain, and analyze the books and other sources. When you submit your written assignment, you may want to submit it as an .RTF file attachment, as these usually retain your formatting. Throughout this course, there are four main resources that you can rely on that will enable you to successfully complete written assignments: 1. Read pages 262-378 in Shaw and Barry. 2. Read these articles: Griffiths, M., Kickul, J. (2013). The tragedy of the commons Opens in a new window. Ivey Business Journal, 77(2), p33 (Access the article by selecting HTML Full Text or PDF Full Text). Harwell, D. (2016). Auto industry back in fast lane Opens in a new window. The Washington Post (Access the article by selecting Full Text Finder or View record from Academic OneFile) Dennis, B. (2016). Federal judge says Obama administration lacks authority to halt fracking on public lands Opens in a new window. Washington Post Blog. Tren, R., & Tupy, M. L. (2005). Africa feels EU’s bite Opens in a new window. Washington Times. Stossel, J. (2014). Government Regulation Is More Harmful Than Helpful to the Environment Opens in a new window. Examiner (Washington, D.C.) Rolo, M. A. (2015). Land Grab in Indian Country: Keystone XL Is a ‘Declaration of War’ Opens in a new window The Progressive, 79(2), 22 (Access the article by clicking on Full Text Finder) Morgan, G. (2013, January 26). Hollywood Version of Fracking Opens in a new window. Winnipeg Free Press. Musgrave, G. L. (2015). Free Market Environmentalism for the Next Generation Opens in a new window. Business Economics,50(3), 156 Riordan, M. (2016, April 12). Penalties for Exporting Jobs Opens in a new window. International New York Times Higgins, S. (2016, September 1). Only 6 Percent of Unionized Workers Voted for Labor Unions Opens in a new window. Examiner (Washington, D.C.)

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