Practical Exercise



This week we have been discussing emergency response and critical incidents. This is an extremely broad area. For this exercise, I would like you to research a SPECIFIC EVENT and prepare a report answering all the questions below. I realize we are currently experiencing both a global pandemic and a global social movement to stop police brutality. Please do not use these for your paper. I would appreciate if you would use something on a smaller scale, such as a school shooting, workplace shooting, major fire, plane crash or other disaster. This practical exercise should be 2-4 pages long and should show that you have researched the event and have thought critically about how individuals who have experienced this event might be affected.

A good example of an event that could be reviewed for this assignment would be the Columbine school shooting in April 1999. Another example of an incident for review would be the Barclay Friends Nursing Home fire in 2017 in West Chester where four elderly residents died. There are hundreds of tragic events that happen every year, pick one and write a short analytical paper answering all the questions below. Use the format provided, including the headings. Write the paper in full sentences, double spaced as you would write a normal paper.

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