School Culture

Develop a Plan to Improve Your School’s Culture

The Plan to Improve the School’s Culture

• Through discussion with your team, identify a facet of your school’s culture that needs to be improved and research what other schools/districts have done to address that need. Develop a plan based on the research you have accumulated. Make sure you determine the answers to the following questions which will be placed on submission template.

• What rationale did you use to determine which facet of school culture needed to be addressed?

• How will you determine you have reached consensus within the collaborative team?

• How will you ensure all team members can provide meaningful input to resolve challenges encountered during the planning?

• Did you use any tool(s) to collect data?

• What research was done by team members to see what others have done to address this type of problem?

• What will be your goals and timeline for the implementation of the plan, monitoring & feedback, and final determination of success/failure?

• How will you measure the impact your plan will have on the school’s culture?

I have put week 1 in the uploaded section along with week 2 format we have to use.

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