Write Your Own Philosophy of Customer Service

Write Your Own Philosophy of Customer Service There are as many different interpretations of customer service as there are individuals. Although businesspeople and customers are talking about the importance of customer service, many have never defined for themselves or for someone else what they believe customer service to be. Customer service providers must combine the knowledge that they have acquired about customer service with the realities of their professional environment. This definition of customer service becomes your individual philosophy. A philosophy is the combination of the ideas and convictions of an individual. In customer service, a well-developed and realistic philosophy can be the key not only to success in the industry but also to differentiating between individuals when they are applying for employment or are candidates for advancement.

Consider the knowledge that you have acquired about customer service. Combine this knowledge with the practical experiences that you have had in customer service situations (both as a customer and as a provider). Compose in written form, as concisely as possible, your philosophy of customer service. Your philosophy should include (1) how you define customer service and (2) what you believe about customer service. Include any pertinent examples and any other information that supports your position.

2 pages, MLA. not require for cite.

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