1000 Word Political Science Essay

Hello I need an essay written  before midnight tonight. When I accept you bid I will send you the course material. If possible to write the essay in 3 hr would be great. I am not looking for something that will get me a 100% but not 10% either . I need it in 3 hrs or else so that i can input some things as well on my own and proofread it.

the question is : what challenges have states encountered in trying to counter terrorism ?what sorts of approaches can states adopt to counter terrorism? which approach is preferable and why? do the various counter-terrorism approaches quell terrorism or, on the contrary, indie more terrorism? discuss each of these sub-questions with reference to course material and historical/contemporary examples.

No outside sources can be used. Only course material. Every time the course material is used you must write for the name of the teacher, the number of the module and the number of the slides . 

For example ==>(Danis, Module 7, Slides 7,41-43)

Thank you ! 🙂

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