answer these 4 questions

Each question should be answered in two paragraphs. Remember not only to answer the questions, but also use supporting background information from the text or online

  1. Digital advertising media seem to be more and more effective, but at the same time more and more controversial. Explain why both of these situations have arisen.
  2. Increasingly, apps and other digital platforms will allow users to pay an additional fee to receive advertising-free use of the app (like Pandora). How will this impact digital advertising media, and what tools do marketers have to respond to this change?
  3. Why has the use of guerilla marketing been on the increase? Take a position as to whether or not this form of marketing has become controversial, and explain whether or not this criticism is warranted.
  4. Find an example of a company that has used guerilla marketing as part of its IMC plan. Do you think it was successful? Why or why not?

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