Arguments feedback

Please provide feedback in 200 words times roman to the following:

I’d say I’ve learned a great deal about argument from this chapter. I don’t tend to use emotional arguments very much at all, the book states to use them sparingly anyway. I’d rather use logical arguments than emotional ones. I do my best to uphold logic, facts, and reason whenever I argue with others. Looking at this specific type of writing has, what I think, greatly influenced my thought on this topic. I had previously held argumentation at a lower level of importance, but now, my views of it are of much more solid than they were before. I focus on understanding argument because it’s a crucial tool within writing. I have taken a particular interest into argumentation because I think it will help me better my writing skills. Another thing I’ve learned from this chapter is to avoid making exaggerated claims. I’d already had gotten the idea about not making bold claims, but the book, and this chapter, have solidified my understanding of it. I tend to argue with strangers on social media, i.e Instagram. I am an advocate for animal ethics and I deal with dissenting opinions daily, from that, I do say I’ve developed particularly thick skin to views and opinions other than my own.

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