Ethical Discussion – Abortion

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Ethical Discussion – Abortion

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Write a 250 word discussion post that is in favor of abortion. Then, write a 100 response to each discussion post below (either in agreement or disagreement). 1. For this week’s discussion board, the point that I wanted to talk about was over criminal punishment. Many people have very different opinions when it comes to this topic, especially when it comes to the death penalty that is still put in effect in certain states around the U.S.. In my opinion, the death penalty is a great punishment in major criminal cases, one example I can see it to be useful can be in mass murder. Many people see that we should not take a life because of either certain morals or certain religions, and although I am a Christian and in the Bible I know it states that we should not take a life, however I believe that at one point it would be worse for us to allow them to continue living for many reasons. The first reason is because by just having the murderers in the prison without getting any real form of punishment besides just keeping them there, there is not deterrent for others from doing it, all they see is these murderers that are incarcerated getting free food, free healthcare, and a free place to live and not getting taxed and worrying about working, in other words living worry free. Another reason going based off of what I said earlier, we the citizens that are paying taxes are spending money that we work hard to make, are getting taxed in order to keep those incarcerated people healthy, happy, and worry free. There are many more reasons as to why I believe that criminal punishment to an extent of the death penalty can be justified. 2. Discussing ethics in my opinion is something I have not heard of a lot. People tend to have two different sides to each situation and yes of course agreeing upon something like the topic of ethics. Is possibly another form of perpetual disagreement. As followers, bringing in testimony or views of life pertain to how ethically we relate within each person. However, when discussing topics such as criminal punishment, I believe in the whole standard about, “innocent until proven guilty””. It is just the main factor about a punishment or case that changes the mindset of someone with knowledge of the criminal act. I agree with what is discussed because if you have the right to be free

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