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These questions are meant to guide your reading. They are not an exhaustive list. You must turn these in at the end of the class for which the reading is assigned. There are less questions as we proceed through the text. This is because you are likely going to become better readers, but also because the answers become more complex. These questions will be useful for helping create discussion, and also exam questions. This assignment needs to be turned in each week according to the course outline. No, you may not turn these in late, or ahead of time.

Chapter 4

  1. How is sport and play different? (what are characteristics of each?)
  2. What is the problem/influence of adults on sports?
  3. What skills are developed in play but not sport (to the same degree)?
  4. Why do play sports try to even the playing field?
  5. How are rules defined in play/competitive sport?
  6. Why is play unstable/sport stable?

Chapter 5

  1. How much money does youth sports generate?
  2. How many kids play sports? (ages 6-17; ages 8 – 17; why are some stats problematic; what’s our best guess?)
  3. What are characteristics of youth who play? (geographically, age, race, parent’s marital status….)
  4. What about kids who don’t play?
  5. Which stats stand out?
  6. What are some potential explanations for these statistics?

Chapter 6

  1. What percentage of high school children play sports? Why? What is the critique of this?
  2. What is unique about HS sports in the US?
  3. What are some benefits of spots?
  4. What are some problems with HS sports?
  5. Do HS sports undermine educational goals?

Critical Reading



Each week, you will

turn in your thoughts over the

assigned books and


When possible, I will provide you with a set

of g

uided reading questions.

I intend the questions

to: help focus your reading, highlight ideas and

arguments to review, focus our discussions, and be a

tool for the exams.

All of the questions are

important, and you should consider all of them

as you


the texts

. We will use the questions for

discussion in each class, and they are fair game for

the exams.

Study all the questions and be able to talk

about them in class and write about them on exams




You will turn in, at minimum, a one page

response to the readings 10 times throughout the



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