Free Write


Read and answer for yourself the questions about communicating interpersonally listed below. Should be about 1200 words Jot down your answers into a Word Document

Questions to answer on your own on paper for reference:

When I am talking to another person or group of people . . .

  1. Do I give them my full attention?
  2. Do I seem at ease or tense?
  3. Do I often change the subject without taking the other person into consideration or do I let others change the subject when they want to?
  4. Do I deprecate or magnify the statements of others?
  5. D I smile or frown often?
  6. Do I interrupt often or let people talk as long as they want?
  7. Do I show empathy or am I uncomfortable when someone comes to me with a problem?
  8. Do mu words tend to lower or raise the other person’s self-esteem?
  9. Do I over or under use the pronoun “I”?
  10. Do I offer supportive remarks such as, “I see” and “Is that so” or do I listen silently while others are talking?
  11. Do I employ a posture that communicates interest or detachment?
  12. Do I continue to watch T.V. or look/scroll on my cell phone when someone is talking to me?
  13. Do I cut people off when they are talking because I’m impatient?
  14. Anything else?

Questions on the board:

  1. What are some of my communication strengths?
  2. Wat are some of my communication weaknesses?
  3. Which weaknesses should I be most invested in changing in the near future?
  4. What strategies can I use to improve my communication in this area?

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