Here is the Focus Question: What were the major, far-reaching consequences of World War I (time and place)?

For this assignment, you will write a 4-6 page (approximately 2,500 – 4,200 words), thorough outline answering a Focus Question

  • Here is the Focus Question: What were the major, far-reaching consequences of World War I (time and place)? In Other words what did WW1 affect/cause in the future?

Include in answer:

  • An explanation of the main causes and features of WWI
  • An assessment of all three assigned primary sources.
  • The 5Ws, how, why important for world history, etc.
  • Citations for all examples.

Before you start your first draft, review this document: How to Create a Focus Question Outline. This will show you how to create an organized outline to answer a Focus Question and make a solid argument!


  • Write the question prompt, including a complete list of the assigned readings, at the top of your outline (assigned readings below)
  • Read: WOW The Big Picture & Ch 20
  • Read: PSDs
  • Donald Fraser’s My Daily Journal, 1915-1916
  • Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points, January 1918
  • excerpts from the Treaty of Versailles, June 1919
  • This is an OUTLINE, NOT an essay. Sentences are good, paragraphs are not (aside from your introduction!). 4 – 6 pages is about 2,500 – 4,200 words. The exact number is not important. These are guidelines to help you understand what a good outline will look like. If you can fully answer the question in less, go ahead (from my experiences, it is very hard to answer any FQ in less than 2500 words).
  • Single-space your lines, use 1″ margins and regular size and style font (e.g. Calibri size 11 or Times New Roman size 12). Double spacing, huge margins, or huge font will not help. Content is important (rather than style).
  • In-text or MLA or Chicago-style citations are expected. Please review “How to Cite your Sources.” No Works Cited page (outside sources need full citations but are EXTRA. You need to use the assigned sources to prove your points)!

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