Individuals Reflection

Reflection to be submitted through turnitin after students have received feedback on the facilitation.

This activity requires students to reflect on their experience of planning, designing and delivering the facilitation workshops. They should consider which aspects they found particularly challenging and why this might have been the case and connect their thinking to unit content – i.e. theories and concepts (please note that all theories and concepts should be referenced appropriately using citations). Students might consider how they as individuals or their group members might have improved on overall outcomes? Which aspects did students find particularly rewarding or useful and why this might have been the case. Reflections connecting to unit content (i.e. theory and concepts) will score highly whereas superficial descriptions will score poorly. Thus, for example students may wish to consider how themes relating to personality and perception or decision making impacted on their experience of running the facilitation. Other themes relating to group dynamics may also have impacted.

Grammar and spelling and style of expression will be taken into consideration when allocating marks or this activity. Poor grammar and spelling will be penalized. Appropriate citation use will also be incorporated into the final mark for this activity.

The reflection should be in the range of (+/-10%) 1000 words (excluding references but including intext citations). There is no specific requirement for the number of references but all concepts and theories should be cited appropriately using Chicago reference style.

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